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Midgard Meeting 19th April 6pm PST !
CaddyMyers Important reminder to everyone: The meeting will be held over our server's teamspeak! The address for it is ts.mcotg.com ...
ArroneXBChat format is fixed now. Taking away the faction tag for now.
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Hershey_S1L2While repairing my village, a question came to my mind: Should I go check The Nether?
Any thoughts on the question?
Teh_Kaos   I would just wait for the meeting ><
Hershey_S1L2   Yeah, I should wait for the meeting.

I made a room in my village for a Nether Portal.
I say that, during or at the end of the meeting, we should test it out since we need to know if something's wrong with The Nether or not.
ArroneXBCorrupted chunks are now confirmed to be eliminated after 10 hours of initial fix.
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DannFunx   Nice work man :)
RICO12X   Your efforts are appreciated. !! :) Thanks.
bigflipnmarUpon inspection of the midgard map we have to play on i noticed 2 things: 1)there are no villagers and 2)there are no natural chests anywhere. I've shared this hypothesis with DannFunx and he confirmed my findings. This means that there are no chests in villages, desert temples, dungeons, mine shafts, etc.
Hershey_S1L2   I found a mineshaft that had a chest in a minecart last time I was on, had stuff in it.
CaddyMyers   I'll keep bigflipnmar's suggestion for a possible server reset as a topic to discuss, but it seems that we'll need to gather more findings from other players to officially determine this.
bigflipnmar   Minecart chests are generated differently than stationary chests
DannFunx   published Midgard Meeting 19th April 6pm PST ! on News
bigflipnmarSo i may be on at an awkward time but the whole map has been reset with the same seed it was just on...
DannFunx   Read this...... [link]
bigflipnmar   Thanks mate. How do i get to the old map?
DannFunx   I've jumped into the world :)
Teh_KaosSo I'm thinking we should just go with a complete and total map reset. We've all lost a lot with everything that's happened and honestly I wouldn't mind a (somewhat) fresh start. A little bonus of items provided by an admin for our longtime members would help, but not absolutely necessary; and can't be too generous. I'd even be on board with having creative abilities for a short time just to get a few things built. Think about it ladies and gents, no more corrupted chunks from importing things! Fresh lands to scour! Fresh temples! Fresh treasures and caves! I'll put up a poll if there is any interest in at least discussing this.

I am more than willing to help with the spawn city as well. OP meeee :p
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CaddyMyers   I'll do the honor of creating the thread. I'll include a list of everything I've noticed that I think should be addressed. I'm a leader by no means of the word, but I'll sure as hell try to be one for this, particular meeting.

Phill has also been MIA for quite awhile; because of this, I'll send her a text to see what her status is.
DannFunx   Cool :)
bigflipnmar   Let the record show that I am in favor of a complete reset.
Indigent123well sorry i'm not smart so i did again what i should not and i crashed the server, im trapped in old midgard ill just leave you guys sort things out :)
DannFunx   Your stuck in old midgard lol ?
Ill be on for a bit, i can try TP you out
Indigent123   i just type /spawn but nothing
DannFunx   Ill let Arrone & MFG Know :)
TallGuyRojoI know things are hard right now. I've lost plenty of builds, but we have to thank ArroneXB and MFG. i understand things are 24/7. Thanks for all your service.
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CaddyMyersIt seems that Arrone's upload of the old Midgard world has completed. However, DO NOT directly teleport to your homes on that map! Indigent123 and I both did that and it appears that we've caused the map to create entirely new chunks in place of where our builds were. Arrone might fix this for the two of us, but I'm just wanting to warn anyone who hasn't done so here first.
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ArroneXB   Yeah, some files did not load properly yet.
Hershey_S1L2   Arrone, keep us posted on what's going on and tell us when it will be safe to go to the old world
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