The server no longer uses a whitelist, so everyone is free to enter New Midgard!
GriefPrevention is fully functional and Essentials is working well enough to allow random people to enter the server without causing current players issues (the only problem we have with Essentials at the is that /back isn't working). There is still plenty of stuff to fix but at least core plugins are properly working.

Please login to the website and have a look at the "New Midgard and the Future" Forum Thread to get more very important information about the server.
After, if you're interested, you may want to check the "New Trial System for New Players" Forum Thread for more info on the subject.

Last thing, it is very important that everyone read the thread I started. It's called "List of New Midgard Active Player" for a reason.

New Midgard is now part of OTG. To connect, use (or simply, it works for me) as the server address. When you get to the Grid Hub, right-click with the "Game Selector" in your hand, then left-click "Servers", and then left-click "Connect to: New Midgard".

Note that, due to core plugins not being fully functional, the server is working with a whitelist (only a few people can enter the server). 

According to what I was told, today (08/24/14) the server is going to be updated to 1.7.10, so if you see the server being offline, it's probably that.

It is official, New Midgard is going to be added to OTG.
Technicalities are being discussed and argued, more details to come later.
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