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DannFunx CoSOk heading North-East from spawn someone has pasted a build and messed up, there is a bunch of random gravel all over the place, go clear it up please, do not leave it. Also check for any claims, pretty sure it got pasted over FullMetals place...
threetom39   Shoot, I think that was me. I'll clean it next time I'm on.
DannFunx CoS  Thanks man
threetom39   All cleaned up. I think I got it all.
ArroneXBI went through most of the server plugins and most are ready to update. Two issues: Griefprevention pluggin is lagging and Permbukkit is a problem.

This means that when we update:
1) GriefPrevention will be temporarily disabled (it's been a week since the dev said he started the fixes)
2) We will be switching to PEX (converting from permbukkit to PEX is going to be a pain)

The spigot version I'll be updating you guys to will allow both 1.7.2-1.7.10 to connect.
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ArroneXB   When going through my list of plugins to update, I found that Grief Prevention and Permbukkit wasn't suitable for an update. So I didn't upload.
Truant_Luce   Why didn't you do PEX in the first place?
drpestilence   Aarone! :d
cchavo55 Mod  uploaded 7 images to Just some fun at mall
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threetom39   uploaded 9 images to New Midgard's New Spawn
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KillMAN49   joined Midgard Server
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InsanexXxCrane Admin  So you all know, this is my IRL buddy.
RICO12X   Then he is officially part of the " FRAMILY " !! Welcome KillMAN49 :)
DannFunx CoSOk guys if anyone would like a plot at spawn let me know, Plots 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10 are left :) they are free, 1 per member :)
Teh_Kaos   I want a plot, which one is which?
DannFunx CoS  There are signs by each plot, let me know what one you want :)
Teh_Kaos   I want Bigflipnmar's spot because it's filled with some dumb shit unworthy of being right outside the mall :d
DannFunx CoSVersion 3...
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drpestilence   I love my skin, good luck!
drpestilence   Why am I Steve??
drpestilence   AHHHH
DannFunx CoSNew Award System & Rank Tags Added To The Website :)
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MurphyDog98   joined Midgard Server
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threetom39   created a new thread I need help with a school project. in the Off-Topic Forums forum
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