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Hershey_S1L2I had fun doing this today...
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CaddyMyers   ...This made me think of an idea:
What if the server were to have a plugin that allows images posted online to appear in-game? Accompanying this would be a "Midgard Art Gallery" where these, very images would be viewed at? I'm even going to the lengths of saying that competitions would be held weekly, or monthly to determine who's artwork would be chosen to stay as an exhibit within the gallery.

If such a plugin exists, and we can get things on the server running smoothly again, what are everyone's thoughts on this idea?

Also, I didn't mean to take the spotlight away from you, Hershey. What you've made here is awesome. :)
GeneralBE47645so yeah I couldn't make the meeting b/c of work. I don't see on the thread if any decision was made regarding restarting or warping in lost buildings from creative. Anyone have an answer for me?
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DannFunx   I don't think we will be restarting the map, there is no point in my opinion as its basically empty, so its just like a new map anyway.

If you need any builds moving into the world from creative or the old midgard map I can do that for you no problem just leave me a message or message me in game :)
Hershey_S1L2   No real decision has been made about the reset.
I suggest that a poll be made with the following choices:

1. Status Quo (No reset, no compensation, no imports);
2. No Reset, but Old World Imports (no compensation);
3. No Reset, No Imports, but compensation;
4. Reset, but No Imports and no compensation;
5. Reset, with Old World Imports (no compensation);
6. Reset, with compensation (no imports).

(Can be made into two polls: First, Reset or Not; Second, Imports or compensation or nothing)

Compensation: Diamonds according to rank (example: Citizen>16D, Veteran>32D, 100hours>64D, 200hours>128D, 300hours>256D, 400hours>512D) or proof/bargain (screenshots, builds, etc) and specific items (enchanted tools, weapons and armor, torches?, etc).
CaddyMyers   Due to the fact that the possibility of a server reset was prioritized as one of the most important items of business, I will be making a poll on the forums using Hershey's information above.
TallGuyRojoi can't connect
DannFunx   I can log in fine, are you using 1.7.2 ?
fellinpoop   joined Midgard Server
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DannFunxVoting for the server now rewards Diamonds for each vote again, I managed to fix this. Also in the building near /spawn it will display the top voters each month aswell as who has played the most this week :)
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bloodywanker231   I saw the heads earlier and was impressed, cool idea!
Hershey_S1L2Funny Discovery: [link]
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Hershey_S1L2   Looks like I guessed right
CaddyMyers   In light of this, I have added this in the topics for discussion list for the meeting. Although there might not be much to discuss about this, other than that it needs to be fixed, but we don't know where all of these stray NPCs are. Plus, it's just generally a good thing to take care of as many issues as possible in a meeting that's centered around improving the quality of life.
immachrisyou   The npcs that Hershey took a picture of belong to me. i can get them back at any time i want. i have many over the area were new EG was and where my house use to be. The npcs didnt get deleted when the map did because they belong to a different plugin. since noone deleted the npc folder they stayed where they were originally.
ArroneXBChat format is fixed now. Taking away the faction tag for now.
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Hershey_S1L2While repairing my village, a question came to my mind: Should I go check The Nether?
Any thoughts on the question?
DannFunx   Made a portal & it spawned me right in the middle of a fortress, doesn't seem to be any chests around but they may of already been looted :p
Hershey_S1L2   Case close.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I got glowstone to get.
CaddyMyers   Good job, Dann. :)
That's another topic we can cross-off the list, partially, at least. We'll still need to find out if chests are naturally generating within the Nether Fortresses, but at least the Nether, itself isn't in shambles!
ArroneXBCorrupted chunks are now confirmed to be eliminated after 10 hours of initial fix.
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DannFunx   Nice work man :)
RICO12X   Your efforts are appreciated. !! :) Thanks.
bigflipnmarUpon inspection of the midgard map we have to play on i noticed 2 things: 1)there are no villagers and 2)there are no natural chests anywhere. I've shared this hypothesis with DannFunx and he confirmed my findings. This means that there are no chests in villages, desert temples, dungeons, mine shafts, etc.
Hershey_S1L2   I found a mineshaft that had a chest in a minecart last time I was on, had stuff in it.
CaddyMyers   I'll keep bigflipnmar's suggestion for a possible server reset as a topic to discuss, but it seems that we'll need to gather more findings from other players to officially determine this.
bigflipnmar   Minecart chests are generated differently than stationary chests
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