UPDATE 06 (Final)
I have received confirmation from ArroneXB that Off The Grid (and New Midgard) will die in a very near future. This means that the server will (if it is not already) be closed forever and the website will go down as well. I will create a final forum thread that will have for goal to get us to remain connected in any way possible. 

If you don't want to keep ties to anyone from here, or if you simply got tired of Minecraft or of server political and administrative work and simply want to quit, 
I just want you all to know that it was a pleasure and an honor playing with all of you.

See you all later in another world.
- Hershey_S1L2 of Brisn
The Most Staff-Like Staff That Never Will Be

New Midgard Added To Off The Grid
InsanexXxCrane Admin Well R.I.P. Midgard. You will be missed. To all my friends on this server, (which I consider all of you) I hope to remai ...
drpestilence Gonna miss you guys this was the best server.
DannFunx CoS RICO from what i have gathered they want to remove this website and just use the OTG Reddit. I said i would manage the w ...
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