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cchavo55 Mod  uploaded 7 images to Just some fun at mall
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threetom39   uploaded 9 images to New Midgard's New Spawn
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KillMAN49   joined Midgard Server
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InsanexXxCrane Admin  So you all know, this is my IRL buddy.
RICO12X   Then he is officially part of the " FRAMILY " !! Welcome KillMAN49 :)
DannFunxOk guys if anyone would like a plot at spawn let me know, Plots 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10 are left :) they are free, 1 per member :)
Teh_Kaos   I want a plot, which one is which?
DannFunx   There are signs by each plot, let me know what one you want :)
Teh_Kaos   I want Bigflipnmar's spot because it's filled with some dumb shit unworthy of being right outside the mall :d
DannFunxVersion 3...
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drpestilence   I love my skin, good luck!
drpestilence   Why am I Steve??
drpestilence   AHHHH
DannFunxNew Award System & Rank Tags Added To The Website :)
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MurphyDog98   joined Midgard Server
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threetom39   created a new thread I need help with a school project. in the Off-Topic Forums forum
DannFunxSince it will take a good few months for us all to decide what to do with the plots at spawn I have decided that the owner of a plot can just build whatever they like there, If you would like a plot let me know, they are free, its first come first serve.
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DannFunx   All yours Flynn :)
Hershey_S1L2   Death_1p2 wants a plot, he didn't say which one, so I say plot #11
DannFunx   done :)
DannFunxNew Rounded World Border Has Been Added, Also Rendering Out The Dynamap So No More Black Marks On It :)
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Hershey_S1L2   I went and checked the map for claims outside the border, then I went online to check when was the last time each claim owners was online, here what the server gave me as an output:

JKuang - No Record
HoovyBodyBags - 06/25/14
RICO12X - 06/14/14
TheWinterKing - No Record
Aurora2006 - 06/18/14
[Data retrieved: 06/25/14]

Seeing this, I believe that Hoovy, RICO and Aurora have the right to get whatever stuff they have from their respective claim. With that said, these three would need to catch an admin (DannFunx or CaddyMyers) online to get to their claim.

Different subject:
Dann, could you put back on the Dynmap options the "Homes", I know I told you to remove it, but what I meant was to have it unchecked by default (my bad for being unclear, sorry).
DannFunx   Hoovy, Rico & Aurora, You guys are able to bypass the border. If you would like to stay outside it that is fine with me, I have gave you the permissions Just please don't go exploring too far out.

Also Re-added the checkbox to view homes and the current map should show up first now too :)
RICO12X   I don't mind moving somewhere within the new border. Nothing out there but sand !! Really hard starting from scratch.
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