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ArroneXBThe machine that Midgard is on will be going through major upgrades with security due to the Grid's new Network Administrator. The server will go down at 10am PST and will be down for about 2 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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CaddyMyers Admin  @DannFunx
Actually, I'm already fed-up to the point of leaving the server.
Teh_Kaos Mod  D:
DannFunx CoS  D: Pretty sure 1.8 is not too far off, they are releasing pre-release versions soon :)
kepetrsn   joined Midgard Server
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Abeloec   joined Midgard Server
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Midgard Server has reached a new record of 400 registered users today!
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DannFunx CoS  Love this ! Thanks Guys <3
threetom39   Aw yiss. Go team go.
threetom39   uploaded an image to Mob Arena!
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Hershey_S1L2   created a new thread My absence on the server... in the Off-Topic Forums forum
DannFunx CoSOk heading North-East from spawn someone has pasted a build and messed up, there is a bunch of random gravel all over the place, go clear it up please, do not leave it. Also check for any claims, pretty sure it got pasted over FullMetals place...
threetom39   Shoot, I think that was me. I'll clean it next time I'm on.
DannFunx CoS  Thanks man
threetom39   All cleaned up. I think I got it all.
ArroneXBI went through most of the server plugins and most are ready to update. Two issues: Griefprevention pluggin is lagging and Permbukkit is a problem.

This means that when we update:
1) GriefPrevention will be temporarily disabled (it's been a week since the dev said he started the fixes)
2) We will be switching to PEX (converting from permbukkit to PEX is going to be a pain)

The spigot version I'll be updating you guys to will allow both 1.7.2-1.7.10 to connect.
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Truant_Luce   Why didn't you do PEX in the first place?
drpestilence   Aarone! :d
Truant_Luce   I thought this was updated to 1.7.10 already, and thus, I just finished upping my whole minecraft, and then find out, it's 1.7.10 incompatible! =(
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threetom39   uploaded 9 images to New Midgard's New Spawn
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